Time 4 BCAA vanilla cola cubes

By @Average.Geoff


250ml Hot NOT boiling water 
24g Gelatin (2 Sachets)
6 Scoops of Time 4 Nutrition Intra Workout Vanilla Cola flavour
Brown natural food colouring (optional but makes them look awesome)


If you need a cheeky boost and need something to satisfy your sweet tooth then you're in for a treat!
To celebrate the release of Time 4 Nutrition Vanilla Cola Intra Workout these Cola Cube Gummies are a brilliant way to get some extra BCAAs in and are a great excuse to eat sweets in the gym!!!! 😁 

Mix everything together really well until the gelatin and BCAA dissolve.
Pour into silicone cube trays or whatever shape takes your fancy and leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
Smash a couple of these to get through the cravings and give yourself some amino awesomeness!!!