Time 4 Soft Serve Protein Ice Cream

By @k1mzyy


34g Time 4 Nutrition Whey Protein (Any flavour of your choice!)

1g Xanthan Gum (approximately half a teaspoon)

170ml Cold Water

200g Ice


This recipe may require some trial and error until you find your preferred consistency. You may need to tweak the measures by, for example, either using more or less water/ice depending on your preference or individual appliance). Typically, the recipe should yield a soft serve like consistency.

Mix the protein powder and Xanthan Gum until well combined. Fill your smoothie maker glass with 170ml of cold water. Add the dry mixture, followed by the ice last. Blend for approximately 30 seconds. Check consistency to see if it requires more water or not. Serve and enjoy!

Macronutrients (the only macros come from the powder before any toppings!)
Calories: 136.5
Protein: 24
Carbs: 4.5
Fat: 2.5