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Time 4 Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Doughnuts

By: @Average.Geoff


25g Time 4 Nutrition Whey Protein Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Flavour
100g Self raising flour
1 Egg
Enough milk to make a thick batter (like fluffy American pancakes). It's about 100ml but add a little at a time.
1/2 tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Vanilla essence
1 tsp Honey/ liquid sweetener
1 tbsp. Dried raspberries (optional but awesome)

25g Time 4 Nutrition Whey Protein Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream
Very small amount of milk to make a thick frosting


These little O's of awesomeness are all you need to convince yourself to work out today. Earning one of these is worth the sweat. All you'll need is a doughnut tray. Silicone works best.

Mix all the dry ingredients together and then add the wet.
Mix together until combined and spoon into 6 doughnut moulds.
Cook at 180°c for about 10-12 minutes until the tops are nice golden brown.
Let cool in the tray for five minutes then turn out onto a cooling rack.
When completely cooled, mix your frosting and dip the doughnuts in.
Go get your squat on, it's doughnut time baby!!!

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