Time 4 Toffee Apple Pre-Workout Jack O Lantern

By Average.Geoff


10 scoops of Time 4 Nutrition Pre Workout Toffee Apple Flavour

75g Dates

40g Coconut Flour

50g Oat Flour/Oats

200g Ground Almonds

1 Apple, peeled and pureed

Choc Chips (optional)

10 Whole Almonds (optional)


Need something to get you lively for your Halloween workout?

Chomp on a couple of these and get your "one more rep" scary face on

Soak your dates in some hot water for about ten minutes and drain.

Chuck them in a bowl with the apple and blitz until pureed.

Add in everything else and mix until smooth and consistent.

The mixture may be a bit wet still so put it in the fridge for an hour to firm up.

If you want to make them look like jack o lanterns follow below or just leave as balls.

To get the shape, roll into 10 balls and press down on top of each gently to create a more pumpkin shape.

Push in some choc chips to make the jack o lantern face and push an almond into the top of each one.

Each ball is half the normal serving of pre workout

Have a brilliant Halloween chums!!