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Time 4 Chocolate Coconut Protein Doughnuts.

By: @Average.Geoff


100g Self Raising Flour

1 Egg

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

50g Dark Chocolate

2 Scoops Time 4 Nutrition Whey Protein Vanilla Coconut Milk Flavour

About 50-100ml Milk of Choice


Preheat the oven to 170°c.

Mix the flour and protein powder in a bowl.

Add the vanilla, Egg and Milk an mix until you get a cake batter. Don't over mix or your doughnuts will be tough enough to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Separate the batter into a 6 ring silicone doughnut tray and bake for 10-12 minutes.

Leave to cool and once cool, melt your Chocolate and dip the doughnuts in.

Sprinkle with a touch of Desiccated Coconut if you're feeling fancy.

Cals: 156
P: 9
C: 16
F: 6

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