Time 4 Nutrition & Crohn’s Disease.

2 August 2018

My name is J and I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2012 but can remember symptoms starting when I was 16.

Over the years it has been difficult to find a company or product which is compatible with my condition. I usually experience either stomach ache, problems with colouring in the products or not able to digest any of it which leads to a flare up and no training or eating which is a complete negative within bodybuilding or general health.

Well that stops here, I am super happy to have had this opportunity to work with Time 4 Nutrition and as you can see here I highly rate their Pre-workout!

Time 4 Pre-Workout is helping me dramatically to perform at a higher level and encourage a healthy lifestyle. It is a great product with 4 ecstatic flavours which I have had zero issues with; you can really grind down in your session with this formula. Zero digestive problems, fantastic taste, no colour issues and the blend is amazing! I could not recommend this further. It has played a key role in helping shift unwanted poundage. Suppresses my appetite and flushes me out completely to give me the skin tight effect!

In a 15g serving I receive 400mg caffeine with just under 6g of carbs

3g of beta alanine which prevents the production of carnosine and another of my favourite ingredients is the 1g of l-tyrosine as it is a key amino in simulating dopamine for that ‘feel good’ workout effect!

You will not be disappointed with any of these products and I will continue to use them during my cut and bulk.

Stay tuned for more pictures and reviews 🙂

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