The benefits of Time 4 Joint Pro

25 February 2018

The Benefits Of Time 4 Joint Pro 

by Darren Deane From Traact Nutrition


So guys I feel I have to share this story with you all about Time 4 Joint Pro. I always recommend all pro combat athletes to take a joint protection formula because of the rigors of their training, however this story has blown my mind as to how good this product is. Recently my 82 year old Grandad had to have a hip replacement. A very fit and healthy man who throughout his life has walked everywhere, the side effect of that his hip joints have crumbled. Now last time he was at a hospital was when I was born 39 years ago!

Indeed a very fit and healthy man. I gave him some Time 4 Joint Pro to see if it could help before his operation.

Obviously with a condition like his the only way to cure it is to have an operation. He did say however that it helped slightly. But it was when I visited him after 2 weeks of taking them he told me another way it has helped him.

For years he has not been able to make a fist in either hand due to inflammation and he also suffers from IBS. After just 2 weeks of using the products his hand swelling had gone and he could close his hands fully. Amazing I said, the thing is with my grandad he does exactly as I tell him, something some of my bodybuilders don’t do!

It has also helped with the introduction of Probiotic Kefir Milk which has completely eased his IBS! No coincidence with such high quality anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Curcumin and Ginger Root! I would highly advise this product to not just lifters, combat athletes or bodybuilders but for general public who have joint and inflammation problems.

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