Kat’s Story: Overcoming The Menopause & Joint Pain

31 August 2021

Kat’s Story: Overcoming The Menopause & Joint Pain

Overcoming the Menopause

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At the age of 51, and fairly new to health and fitness, I found that life, my age, and going through the menopause had resulted in joint pain, and I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees, hips and shoulders.

I had heard of Time 4 Nutrition products and decided to try Time 4 Collagen+ as I am aware that collagen is important for healthy joints.

I have to say that since taking it for almost a month, there has been a drastic reduction in my knee pain and the incidence of my knees giving way.

I am currently taking 2 scoops daily in my Time 4 Super Greens, which provides a host of important nutrients, a number of which have also been shown to reduce joint pain and inflammation, in addition to many other benefits.

I further supplement my diet with Time 4 Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) as they play many important roles in the structure and function of the body including the production of collagen and elastin.

I’m living proof that taking Time 4 Nutrition Collagen+, along with Time 4 Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) and Time 4 Super Greens, has improved my arthritis to the point that it is virtually non-existent.

This helps to show that your incredible range of products is not just for the ‘let’s get pumped’ gym set, but is also suitable for older women like me.

Thank you so much for helping to improve my mobility and reduce my arthritic pain 🙏 I cannot recommend your products highly enough.

Kat’s Story: Overcoming The Menopause & Joint Pain_Kat Parsonage

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Think you know about Time 4 Collagen +? Think again….

There is perhaps a tendency to associate collagen with healthy skin, hair and nails. This is not without good reason, as it is an essential component of all of these. Less well known is that collagen is also an essential component of muscle, tendon, bone, teeth and blood vessels, and is often considered to be the ‘glue’ that holds these structures together.

In fact, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, accounting for approximately 35% of its total protein content and as much as 70% of the protein in our skin. It consists of Amino Acids bound together into fibres to form connective tissue which provides structural support, strength, elasticity and protective coverings throughout the body.

Consequently, Collagen plays a vital role in our health, performance and appearance. Unfortunately, as we age, our body produces less and that which it does produce is of a lower quality. It is estimated that we begin to lose about 1% of our Collagen per year in our mid-20s and a woman may lose as much as 30% during the first five years of menopause. The visible consequences of this are sagging skin and wrinkles. Also, wounds heal less quickly. You may experience a loss of flexibility as tendons and ligaments stiffen, and become weaker as muscle mass is lost. Less obvious is the weakening of the cartilage within our joints that accompanies a reduction in Collagen, which is implicated in the development of osteoarthritis.