30 March 2018

By Darren Deane From Traact Nutrition

Professional boxer LLOYD ELLETT was scheduled to fight in his 23rd (20w-2l) pro boxing fight 27th May 2017 in his hometown of Brighton.

Lloyd usually walks around between 12st and 12st 7, with his competition weight recently being 11st. As a natural lean athlete sitting at about 12% bodyfat before camp, to make this weight he diets down over on this occasion 8-9 weeks with his nutrition being managed by Dede Deane of Physiques-training. For this fight Lloyd was dropping to 10st 7, a tough ask indeed. The diet was spot on as usual bringing Lloyd to 11st 1lb , 36 hours before weigh in. This is where things get interesting. After being loaded with water (upto 10 litres) , it was Time 4 drying out to make the weight. His schedule was as follows:

Weds – water intake 10 litres


Thurs 9am – weighs 11st 1

Thurs – water intake – 4 litres Takes 10 Time 4 Water Pro tablets

Thurs – Evening 1 hour light shadow box and jog Takes 10 Time 4 Water Pro tablets


Fri 7am – weighs 10st 12 Takes 10 Time 4 Water Pro tablets

Fri 8am – Relaxes in an Epsom salt bath

WEIGH IN – 10st 7

After numerous times urinating and actually sweating while doing nothing Lloyd makes weight.

Time 4 Water Pro have played an instrumental part in helping Lloyd make weight. I would however advise that you don’t cut your water out like most combat athletes do the day before a weigh in. This is a very strong natural product that WILL cause dehydration, so we strongly advise that you keep you water to 1 litre per 50lb of bodyweight that you carry whilst using this product.

Unfortunately Lloyds opponent pulled out on the day of the weigh in!

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