John Hathaway



John Lawrence Hathaway is a mixed martial artist who competes in the welterweight division within the UFC.

John is an ex rugby player who had played Hove RFC, Hathaway made the transition to mixed martial arts after becoming a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he made his professional MMA debut in 2006, defeating his opponent with a rear naked choke in the 1st round.

After signing a four fight deal, Hathaway was scheduled to fight undefeated Tom Egan at UFC 93. He made an impressive UFC debut, scoring a dominant first round TKO win over Egan.


  • LOSS – Dong Hyun Kim, 2014
  • WIN – John Maguire, 2012
  • WIN – Pascal Krauss, 2012
  • WIN – Kris McCray, 2011
  • LOSS – Mike Pyle, 2010
  • WIN – Diego Sanchez, 2010
  • WIN – Paul Taylor, 2009
  • WIN – Rick Story, 2009
  • WIN – Tom Egan, 2009
  • WIN – Jack Mason, 2008
  • WIN – Richard Griffin, 2008
  • WIN – Marvin Arnold Bleau, 2008
  • WIN – Tommy Maguire, 2007
  • WIN – Charles Barbosa, 2007
  • WIN – Tarcio Santana, 2007
  • WIN – Sergei Ussanov, 2007
  • WIN – Ludovic Perez, 2006
  • WIN – Wesley Felix, 2006
  • WIN – Jim Morris, 2006

John Hathaway was diagnosed with Chrohns Disease some time in 2010. This has prevented him from fighting since 2014.

In 2020 John started training again to aim to make his fighting comeback, teaming up with Traact Nutrition (formerly Combat-Nutrition) who advise him on his daily diet. Traact nutrition have an outstanding profile of elite pro athletes across combat sports including Tommy Welch (Professional Boxer), Thiago Silva (MMA Legend) and Owen Livesey (Commonwealth Judo Champion) to name a few.

John is proud to be a Time4 Nutrition sponsored athlete, and his favourite products are:

Time 4 Recovery Chocolate Caramel, which helps his recovery from hard sessions

Time 4 Mega-pack, which provides him with extra vitamins and minerals to keep his immune system strong

Time 4 Joint Pro, to shield against injury and inflammation on tendons, ligaments and muscle soreness

With the partnership between Time 4 nutrition and Traact nutrition, John is excited to get back in to the octagon, still signed with the UFC, John is looking to get a fight scheduled in the latter stages of 2021.





1 July 1987 (age 33)




Time 4 Joint Pro


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