November 24, 2017

Time 4 Water Loss supplement is a true market leader when it comes to cutting water weight, but unless you use them in the right way you won’t get the optimum results this product brings.  Here is a quick guide to get the most out of this amazing product:

Firstly, a natural diuretic is used at the end of a ‘fight camp’ or ‘show prep’ as a way to drain any last water from under the skin to achieve the ‘ripped’ look or to help make weight.

Therefore, they will be so much more effective when used whilst body fat levels are low, in my experience lower than 8%.  If you are carrying too much body fat and try to use this product, then all what will happen is that the water will drain from some of the fat you are holding, which may be ok to fit into a party dress or suit for an event but IT WONT MAKE YOU RIPPED!

Controlling your diet is the only way to get rid of body fat and when you get a lower % of BF and the body starts to hold onto what it has or you plateau, then you use Thermogenic fat burns such as Time 4 Burn…another great product in the range!  Using Time 4 Water Loss diuretics does not burn fat!

Another misconception of using any natural diuretics is that you should cut your water completely? Well let’s clear this up once and for all.

As soon as you stop drinking water your body holds onto what it has, as it doesn’t know when it’s getting fluid again.

Think of a water fountain, as soon as you cut the supply to it the water stops flowing.

Same as the human body. No water in, No water out!  By all means drop your water intake and with the help of Time 4 Water Loss you will achieve that dry look and make that fight weight!

How you use the the Time 4 Water Loss capsules depends entirely on the individual.  I have found that loading in one day works and also following the advised dosage works too.  It depends on the individual so therefore give yourself a trial run maybe the week before your event to avoid any hiccups.

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