What is Maltodextrin?

17 September 2019

Time 4 Carbs (Maltodextrin)

What is Maltodextrin?

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What is Maltodextrin?

Carbohydrate is a vital energy source for both endurance performance and high intensity intermittent activities. Athletes and body builders aim to maximise their body’s carbohydrate stores in preparation for competition using a process known as ‘carb loading’ or ‘carbing up’. This allows endurance athletes to increase the amount of fuel available to the working muscles during prolonged activity, such as running the marathon, while body builders employ this technique to maximise muscle size and definition.

Maltodextrin is an easy-to-digest Complex Carbohydrate made from corn, potato or rice starch, which can provide a rapid supply of energy.  It is often contained in sports drinks to allow athletes to refuel and rehydrate simultaneously during exercise, as it is absorbed as rapidly as glucose. It can also provide the extra calories required to increase muscle mass, in addition to various other benefits.

What are the benefits of Maltodextrin Supplementation?

The use of Maltodextrin Supplementation is supported by a number of scientific studies, which demonstrate the wide variety of performance benefits it can provide. These include:

Why use Time 4 Carbs?

Time 4 Carbs is 100% pure premium grade maltodextrin and contains only 6% sugars. It is unflavoured and dissolves easily, so can be mixed with Time 4 Pre-Workout, Recovery or Whey Protein, allowing you to adjust your carbohydrate intake to accommodate changes in your nutritional needs during training and recovery.