What is a Thermogenic Supplement?

9 January 2020

What is a Thermogenic Supplement?

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A term often heard in relation to fat loss is ‘Metabolism’. Some people claim to have a slow one which causes them to gain weight easily, while others claim to have a fast one which allows them to eat whatever they like without increasing their levels of body fat.

The aspect of Metabolism they are generally referring to is their resting energy expenditure or resting Metabolic Rate. This is the minimal amount of energy (kcal) needed to maintain the body’s essential physiological functions, such as breathing, circulation and temperature regulation, while at rest.

This accounts for approximately 50-75% of our total daily energy expenditure, with physical activity and digestion accounting for the remainder. Consequently, the more energy you expend at rest, the easier you will find it to maintain a lean physique, as fewer excess calories are available to be stored as body fat.

The term ‘Thermogenic’ means heat-producing. As we expend energy, we generate heat.  This is because at best we humans have an efficiency of 26%, which means that 74% of the energy our body uses is essentially wasted, as it is given off as heat. Therefore, supplements that boost our Metabolism are referred to as being Thermogenic.

Typically, these contain a selection of natural ingredients, such as Caffeine, Green Tea, Capsaicin and other plant extracts, which work together to increase our Metabolism and so enhance fat burning. For example, a study by Campbell et al., (1) showed that a single-dose of a thermogenic supplement led to significant elevations in resting Metabolic Rate in comparison to baseline. An increase in Thermogenesis of just 70-80 kcal per day can eventually lead to substantial weight loss (2).

What are the benefits of a Thermogenic Supplement?

The key ingredients of Time 4 Burn have been shown scientifically to help to reduce body fat in a number of ways. These include:

Why Time 4 Burn?

Time 4 Burn is a high strength Thermogenic formula that contains 14 active ingredients which work synergistically to give you the best fat loss results possible. You will experience an increase in body temperature as you burn more calories and your appetite will be reduced, which combine to help you to lose greater amounts of fat. You will also feel more energetic and alert.

Note: To optimise your fat loss results you should also aim to reduce your energy intake by 200 – 300kcal per day and expend an additional 300 kcal per day through an appropriate programme of physical activity. This modest energy deficit will help you lose to body fat while minimising any loss of lean tissue.

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