Time 4 Nutrition Sponsored athlete Christalou Cornick on the benefits of ‘Time 4 Water Loss’ for women.

6 June 2018

I used Time 4 water Loss capsules for the first time to help combat some unwanted water retention before during and after my period (sorry guys I don’t mean to be crude), they worked wonders for me!

I only had a tiny bit of bloat, ZERO headache ….& I think it’s actually given my physique a better appearance!!

Really good product, amazing in fact!

Wish I knew about these when getting ready for the stage!

10/10 For any women who are seeing this and suffer the same at that time of the month, please give these a try.

I took 3 caps per day for three weeks (1 week before period, on my period, & last week off period).

Hope these can help other ladies too.