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45 Servings – 405g 

Time 4 Collagen + is our Premium Collagen Supplement & contains Peptiplus® Bioactive Collagen Peptides with added MSM, Silica from Bamboo Extract & Vitamin C. It is unflavoured & can be mixed into any beverage including hot drinks like coffee.

Collagen makes up 30% of our total body protein & is crucial for Joints, Bones, Muscle, Ligaments, Tendons, Skin, Hair & Nails.

MSM, Silica & Vitamin C have many health benefits but also play a crucial role in Collagen Production.


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TIME 4 COLLAGEN+ PROMO: Buy A Time 4 Collagen+ & Get A Time 4 Joint Pro Free (BEST BEFORE 31ST AUGUST 2022) (Worth £19.99)

Time 4 Collagen+ = 405g Tub – 45 Servings

Time 4 Joint Pro = 120 Capsules – 30 Days Supply

Time 4 Collagen+

Fortified with MSM, Silica From Bamboo Extract & Vitamin C

Collagen makes up approximately 30% of our total body protein and is crucial for healthy joints, bones, nails, skin and hair. As we age our bodies produce less Collagen which makes supplementation an effective, affordable and convenient solution to boosting our natural levels. Time 4 Collagen+ contains our premium blend of Peptiplus® Bioactive Collagen Peptides with added MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Silica from Bamboo Extract and Vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to normal Collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth. Protein contributes to a growth and maintenance in muscle mass and contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

COLLAGEN JOINT PROTECTION STACK: What is a Collagen Supplement?

A Collagen Supplement is a potent combination of natural substances designed to enhance the body’s production of Collagen. This is the most abundant protein in the body, accounting for approximately 35% of its protein content & as much as 70% of the protein in our skin. It consists of amino acids bound together into fibres to form connective tissue which provides structural support, strength, elasticity & protective coverings throughout the body. It is an essential component of muscle, tendon, bone, teeth, blood vessels, skin, hair, & nails, & is often considered to be the ‘glue’ that holds all of these structures together.


Collagen plays a vital role in our health, performance & appearance. Unfortunately, as we age, our body produces less Collagen & that which it does produce is of a lower quality. It is estimated that we begin to lose about 1% of our Collagen per year in our mid-20s & a woman may lose as much as 30% during the first five years of menopause. The visible consequences of this loss of Collagen are sagging skin & wrinkles. Also, wounds heal less quickly. You may experience a loss of flexibility as tendons & ligaments stiffen, & become weaker as muscle mass is lost. Less obvious is the weakening of the cartilage within our joints that accompanies a reduction in Collagen, which is implicated in the development of osteoarthritis.

  • Peptiplus® Bioactive Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides (Types 1 and 3) are rapidly digested & fully utilised by your body. Collagen is crucial for joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, smooth skin, healthy hair & nails
  • Pharmaceutical Grade MSM is essential for Collagen & Keratin production which are the building blocks of bone, skin, hair, nails, muscle, tendons & ligaments
  • Premium Quality Bamboo Extract Providing A High Level Of Silica
  • Fortified With Vitamin C which plays a vital role in the bodies synthesis & maintenance of Collagen as well as being essential for Collagen formation, Vitamin C has numerous other health benefits
  • Our Collagen Supplement is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, GMO Free, Sugar Free & Fat Free
  • Best Collagen Supplements UK – Total Peace of Mind with our UK made products

COLLAGEN JOINT PROTECTION STACK: Time 4 Collagen+ Contains The Following Active Ingredients

Peptiplus® Hydrolysed Collagen  is a pure source of hydrolysed Collagen protein. It is neutral in taste and odour, mixes easily, and is fat, cholesterol and carbohydrate free. The process of hydrolysation increases its absorption rate and bioavailability, helping to ensure that you get the vital amino acids to where they are needed to optimise their potential benefits. In addition to increasing the body’s store of Collagen supplementation with hydrolysed Collagen has been shown to help increase muscle mass and strength, enhance tissue repair after injury, reduce joint pain, enhance post-exercise recovery, improve bone and nail health, and increase skin health and appearance.

Vitamin C is also essential for Collagen production. All Collagen starts off as a substance known as Procollagen. This is produced by the body by combining the amino acids glycine and proline using a process which involves vitamin C. Without Vitamin C, Collagen production is disrupted and as old Collagen is broken down, it cannot be replaced. We are unable to produce Vitamin C and so must rely on food and supplements to ensure an adequate intake.

Bamboo Derived Silica is a trace mineral made from a combination of silicon and oxygen. The body contains approximately 7 grams of silica, the majority of which is found in the skin, tendons, blood vessels, hair, and bones. Silica occurs naturally in many plants, such as leafy greens and whole grains and can also be found in the form of supplements or extracts. Bamboo extract is the richest known source of natural silica, containing over 70% organic silica, which is more than 10 times the level found in the widely used Horsetail plant. Silica plays a vital role in normal formation of Collagen, bones, joints and cartilage. It also contributes to the healthy function of the skin, hair and nails, immune system, respiratory tract, vascular system, and skeleton.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulphur-containing compound with high bio-availability which occurs naturally in green plants and other food products, animals and humans. It can also be produced synthetically to create dietary supplements. Sulphur is needed for many critical functions within the body and it is MSM that provides the sulphur that is required for optimum Collagen and keratin production. MSM has also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and has been shown to provide a range of other benefits including relieving joint pain, enhancing post-exercise recovery, accelerating healing, and improving skin health and appearance.


COLLAGEN JOINT PROTECTION STACK: TIME 4 JOINT PRO | High Strength Joint Protection Supplement

Exercise can provide many benefits for our joints, such as increased strength and mobility, but over time, the activities of daily life can lead to ‘wear and tear’ that may result in inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

Our Joint Protection Formula contains 16 active ingredients including Glucosamine and Chondroitin in specific ratios to help support bone, joint, cartilage and connective tissue health.

Here is a brief rundown of what is contained within our Joint Protection Formula.

MANUFACTURED IN THE UK – Our collagen supplement Time 4 Collagen+ and Time 4 Joint Pro were developed in the UK by a team of professionals from the fields of nutrition, biochemistry & exercise with decades of industry experience & is manufactured in a BRC, ISO & GMP accredited facility to give you complete peace of mind. We employ an evidence-based approach to all our products & provide access to peer-reviewed research papers from some of the leading scientific journals to support their use. A full explanation of all technical terminology is provided so that you fully understand exactly what is contained within our collagen supplements & the potential benefits for health & performance they may provide you with. While many of our products are aimed at increasing muscle size & strength & reducing body fat, we also understand how important your health is & have developed various supplements that promote general health & well-being to enable you to become the best you can be.

Nutritional Table For Collagen+

Nutritional InformationPer 100g2 Heaped
Scoops (9g)
Energy ( kJ/kcal )1404 / 336126 / 30
Fat (g)
of which saturates (g)
Carbohydrate (g)
of which sugars (g)
Fibre (g)00
Protein (g)847.6
Salt (g)1.430.13

Active Ingredients For Collagen+

Active IngredientsPer 100gPer 9g Serving% NRV (per 9g)
Bovine Collagen
(Type 1 & 3) (g)



Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) (g)11.11-
Bamboo Extract (mg)1478133-
of which Silica (mg)1111100-
Vitamin C (mg)88980100%

Nutritional Table For Joint Pro

Active IngredientsPer CapsulePer 4 Capsules% NRV (4 Capsules)
Glucosamine HCI (mg)2501000-
Chondroitin Sulphate (mg) 2501000-
Turmeric (95% Curcumin) (mg)65260-
Calcium (mg)5020025%
Ginger Root Extract (mg)25100 -
Vitamin E (mg a-TE)12.550416%
Vitamin C (mg)7.53037.5%
Black Pepper (95% Piperine) (mg)624-
Zinc (mg)3.514140%
Manganese (mg)0.52100%
Copper (mg)0.251100%
Folic Acid (µg)100400200%
Selenium (µg)50200364%
Vitamin K (µg)30120160%
Vitamin D (µg)1.255100%
Vitamin B12 (µg)14160%


Mix 2 Heaped Scoops (9g) into your coffee, tea, smoothie, protein shake or any other beverage of your choice. Time 4 Collagen+ is tasteless and can be used in recipes like cookies and porridge or savoury dishes like omelettes and soups.

Our Collagen Supplement is heat stable so will not degrade or denature when added to hot beverages like teas and coffees. We recommend 1-2 servings per day. Do not exceed the stated dose.

Made in a facility that handles milk, egg and soya.

Time 4 Collagen+ is not suitable for Vegetarians.

Gluten Free.

Dairy Free.

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