11) PLoS One. 2018; 13(2): e0191182.


Medium Chain Triglycerides enhances exercise endurance through the increased mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism


Ying Wang, Data curation, Formal analysis, Methodology, Project administration, Writing – original draft,#Zhenzhen Liu, Data curation, Formal analysis, Investigation, Project administration, Software, Visualization,# Yi Han, Resources, Validation, Visualization, Jiping Xu, Data curation, Formal analysis, Visualization, Wen Huang, Conceptualization, Methodology, Project administration, Supervision, Validation, Visualization, Writing – review & editing,* and Zhaoshen Li, Supervision, Writing – review & editing



Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is a dietary supplement and usually used along with medications for treating food absorption disorders including diarrhea, steatorrhea and liver disease. It has been shown that MCT plays a role in lowering weight, and decreasing metabolic syndrome, abdominal obesity and inflammation. However, it is still unknown whether MCT enhances exercise endurance. Here, we demonstrated that MCT containing diet improves high temperature induced exercise performance impairment. We found that MCT up-regulates the expression and protein levels of genes involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism. Further investigation demonstrated that the increased mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism is mediated through the activation of Akt and AMPK signaling pathways and inhibition of TGF-β signaling pathway. Collectively, our findings indicate a beneficial effect of dietary MCT in exercise performance through the increase of mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism.