30) Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. 2018 Dec;115:171-174

Pre-treatment with Melamil Tripto® induces sleep in children undergoing Auditory Brain Response (ABR) testing.

Della Volpe A1Dipietro L2Ricci G3Pastore V4Paccone M4Pirozzi C1Di Stadio A5.



Previous studies have shown that tryptophan and vitamin B6 used in conjunction with melatonin induce sleep more effectively than melatonin alone. This study aims at evaluating the efficacy of different dosages and timings of administration of a solution containing melatonin, tryptophan, and vitamin B6 for inducing sleep in children undergoing ABR testing.


294 children scheduled for Auditory Brain Response (ABR) evaluation were administered a solution containing melatonin, tryptophan, and vitamin B6 to induce sleep before the exam. Two different administration timings (pre-treatment and single shot treatment) and three dosages (0.5 ml in pre-treatment, 1.5 ml in pre-treatment, and 3 ml in single shot) were tested. The following parameters were evaluated: time needed for the subject to fall asleep before ABR testing, subject sl’eep features during ABR testing (quality, stability, duration), recorded ABR quality (including presence of abnormalities in amplitude and latency), subject waking up modality, and time needed for the subject to wake up at the end of the ABR exam.


Quality of ABR signals was similar across treatments, and subjects responded in a similar manner in terms of time needed to wake-up and wake-up modality. However, pretreatment with the 1.5 ml dose induced sleep faster than the two other dosages, and the length of the induced sleep was longer than that induced by pre-treatment with 0.5 ml. In general, the pre-treatment with 1.5 ml led to a shorter ABR exam, because reduces the time for inducing sleep, allows a long sleeping phase with a good quality, without variation in the wakening up times.


Melamil Tripto® is an alternative to sedative drugs for inducing sleep in pediatric subjects undergoing ABR testing. A pre-medication with 1.5 ml of MT 1 week before ABR testing further improves the strength of the solution.