26) FASB Journal 2013: supplement.1076.7

A Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Evaluation of MSM for Exercise Induced Discomfort/Pain.

Douglas Kalman ,Samantha Feldman , Adam Samson and Diane Krieger


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) has been reported to provide anti‐inflammatory & antioxidant effects in mammals. Resistance exercise is known to induce both inflammation & oxidative stress resulting in muscular discomfort & pain. In a pilot‐proof of concept study, we determined the effects of MSM on markers of exercise recovery & performance.


In random order 24 moderately exercise‐trained men (25.5±5.6 yrs) received MSM 3.0 gm/d or PLA, for 14 days, with a 17‐day washout between. The study included 3 tests: baseline, no product & the 2nd & 3rd following 14d supplementation with MSM & PLA. Each test consisted of 2 visits. At the 1st visit, subjects performed stressing exercise; 28 total sets of leg extensions, sets 1–25, predetermined weight, 10 reps each, sets 26–28 to muscular failure at 70% 1‐RM (performance). At the 2nd visit (48 hrs later), subjects performed 12 total sets of leg ext, sets 1–9, predetermined weight, sets 10–12 to muscular failure, 70% 1‐RM (performance). Muscle discomfort/pain (10‐point VAS scale), inflammation (hs‐CRP & IL‐6), blood antioxidant status (TEAC & SOD), & homocysteine were measured before the stressing exercise and 2 & 48 hours post exercise. Exercise performance was also measured following 14d supplementation with MSM/PLA (sets 26–28 and sets 10–12). In order to eliminate sequence effects, results are provided on the 1st product as compared to baseline (comparison of the 1st & 2nd tests).


MSM intervention resulted in significantly less pain/discomfort vs. PLA from baseline to 2 hrs (1.55±0.82 vs 3.75±2.58, p=0.012). Change in IL‐6 was significant within the MSM & PLA & between MSM (0.54±0.76) vs PLA (−0.58±0.97) p = 0.006. There were no significant differences between MSM & PLA noted for the other biomarkers.


MSM may help alleviate the discomfort/pain that can follow a stressful exercise session.