What is a Testosterone Support Supplement?

16 September 2019

What is a testosterone support supplement / test booster?

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Testosterone is a powerful naturally occurring Steroid Hormone and the most important androgen (male sex hormone). It has a number of Anabolic effects including directly increasing muscle mass and strength and promoting the release of Growth Hormone. It is largely responsible for the sex differences in strength and muscle mass that occur at the onset of puberty and for the development of the male secondary sex characteristics, such as deepening of the voice and the growth of facial and body hair.

Testosterone also plays an important role in health and well-being, as it helps to maintain healthy Body Composition and contributes to bone density and strength, and the production of Red Blood Cells.

Although Testosterone is the most important androgen, women naturally have a small amount (approximately one tenth of the level in men), which provides many of the same benefits, including the production of red blood cells, the maintenance of healthy levels of muscle mass and body fat, and bone density and strength. It also helps to regulate other reproductive hormones.

As we age, Testosterone levels tend to decline. This can lead to a reduction in muscle mass and strength, bone health, libido and mental focus, and an increase in body fat, fatigue and negative mood.

You have probably heard people talking about test boosters or testosterone boosters.

A Testosterone Support Supplement is a specially formulated combination of substances that helps to promote the maintenance of the body’s natural Testosterone levels.

Why use Time 4 Test?

The key ingredients of Time 4 Test have been shown scientifically to potentially provide a number of benefits for health and performance.

These include:

  • Increased Testosterone (1,2,3,4,5,6,11)
  • Increased muscle mass (4)
  • Increased strength (4,7,11)
  • Reduced body fat (7)
  • Reduced exercise induced fatigue (8)
  • Enhanced Glucose availability during exercise (9)
  • Increased Lactate Clearance in the muscle during exercise (9)
  • Reduction in exercise-induced muscle damage (4)
  • Improved mood (reduction in anxiety, stress, anger, confusion and depression)(10)

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