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Rachel Nelson



Sitting in my living room one Saturday morning, aged 10, watching US wife swap with my mum. The two families were such polar opposites, one family were only interested in sitting in front of the television and doing as little physical activity that they could; The other family were fitness fanatics, especially the mum! The mother got up at 4am trained until 6am got her kids up and out to school then worked, got the kids home, homework done, time with them and into bed before she trained again! She was so organized and dedicated, I just looked at her and then my mum and said "I want to be a bodybuilder", my mum chuckled a bit because I was a wee chubby kid that spent all her time gaming!

I didn't like PE in school and wasn’t in great shape, my weight fluctuated from being very over weight to becoming anorexic at 17. I was always interested in gaining muscle and bodybuilding, I would show people how I'd like to look and was told I'd ruin myself by gaining muscle.

At 20 I started training. I would train for hours working hard, but my nutrition was poor so I didn't see much change. In 2012 I had a major setback in my dream of becoming a bodybuilder. I was in a bad car accident and broke my neck; it took over a year to be in a position where I felt I could train properly. After the accident I knew I may never be able to train as heavy as I'd need to, to become a proper bodybuilder as I was left with a few movement problems. At this point I started training to become a bikini competitor.

Again I trained hard and had my goal but never pushed myself in to going for it. It wasn't until 2015 when life threw me a massive obstacle, I found out I'd the early stages of cancer; I knew it was now I needed to start competing. I did my first show UKBFF NI only 8 months after finding out, although it was much more difficult, it made it worth it to say, even with this horrible illness I did it.

I met the guys from Time 4 nutrition and told them about how I ended up competing and they helped me in promoting my message that nothing can stop you!

In March 2017 I got the all clear, this pushed me to compete twice that year. It was the best experience; I competed in PCA and UKBFF NI again.

January 2018 more cancer cells were found, meaning I’ve had to push back my next competition until 2019, but I will come back bigger and better with the help of the Time 4 Nutrition team.

Favourite Product

Time 4 Pre Workout

My favourite product is the Bubblegum pre-workout as it tastes amazing and gives a great kick with only having to use half a serving each time.


Questions & Answers

Date of Birth?


On season weight?


Off season weight?

10st 8lbs

Where do you live?

Northern Ireland

What Gym do you attend?

Columbia Gym, Lurgan

How do you prepare for competitions?

Usually I begin my prep 12 weeks out, this season I started 19 weeks out as I am hoping to go up to Trained Figure Category. I am a clean eater and do not take any cheat meals throughout prep and do fasted cardio everyday and weight train 3 days on 1 day off.

What is your training routine?

5 day split:
Day 1 shoulders and tri's
Day 2 back and bi's
Day 3 hammies and glutes
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 rear delts chest and calves
Day 6 quads
Day 7 Rest
Core done twice a week
Cardio 3 times a week


Off season: Clean eating, not measured just good food, very rarely processed foods, I cook everything from scratch so I know what's in it. My diet is completely gluten and lactose free, and nearly completely sugarfree.
On season is very strict, everything is weighed, zero sugar and below 50g of carbs/day.

What do you do outside of Training and Competing?

Outside of competing I work in construction and modelling. I also do portraiture art and sketch. I love to relax by gaming as it lets me rest up for my next days training. When I have time I love to bake and create healthy recipes, which helps satisfy my sweet tooth during prep.

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