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Owen Livesey



I was born in Wigan and grew up in St Helens. My mum and dad were both involved with sport, my dad being a Bodybuilder and my mum being a long - distance runner. With St Helens being a Rugby League town, that was always going to be my first path.
At 5 years old I started to play Rugby League. It wasn’t till I was 8 years old, that there was a judo demonstration in my school, I watched it, liked the look of it, so my dad took me along. I was then doing judo three times a week and rugby twice a week so I was pretty active.
As I got a little older, I was getting success in both. I was part of the St Helens Scholarship Scheme and toured Australia with these as well as being British Championfor my age and weight category in judo.
At 14, I was taking more of a liking towards my Judo rather than the rugby. I wanted to be a little more serious with this so I quit rugby and focussed more on my Judo. I was then training every night of the week and sometimes my coach would come into school through the day and would also do some training on my dinner break.
At 18 years old I moved to Dartford to train full time at the British Judo Performance Institute, after realising this wasn’t for me, I moved back up north before relocating to Camberley Judo Club a couple of years later where I have been training full time ever since.

My Successes Include:

* 6 x British Champion

* 4 x European Cup Medals

* 10 x World Cup Medals

* 2014 Commonwealth Games Champion

Favourite Product

Time 4 Recovery 5.1kg

Time 4 Recovery Chocolate Caramel Sundae, It tastes like I'm cheating! Also, Time 4 Water Loss, This is an amazing product for Water Loss/Making Weight at the end of a fight camp.


Questions & Answers

Where do you train?

Camberley Judo Club.

What level do you compete at?


How do you prepare for a fight (say a month out)?

I look to spar as much as possible and try to travel quite a bit to get different partners.

What was your toughest fight to date?

Russian Khasan Khalmurzaev Current Olympic Champion.

What was your sweetest victory?

Russian – Ivan Nifontov Olympic Bronze medallist.

What do you do outside of training and competing?

I teach Judo to children in local schools, I do a little bit of personal training, I like to help people that way. Other than that just going out with friends and relaxing, a lot of my time is spent training so when I have time off I like to do something away from sport.

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