Owen Livesey – Judo

Questions & Answers

Where do you train?

Camberley Judo Club.

What level do you compete at?


How do you prepare for a fight (say a month out)?

I look to spar as much as possible and try to travel quite a bit to get different partners.

What was your toughest fight to date?

Russian Khasan Khalmurzaev Current Olympic Champion.

What was your sweetest victory?

Russian – Ivan Nifontov Olympic Bronze medallist.

What is your favourite Time 4 Nutrition product and why?

Time 4 Recovery Chocolate Caramel Sundae, It tastes like I'm cheating!
Time 4 Water Loss, This is an amazing product for Water Loss/Making Weight at the end of a fight camp.

What do you do outside of training and competing?

I teach Judo to children in local schools, I do a little bit of personal training, I like to help people that way. Other than that just going out with friends and relaxing, a lot of my time is spent training so when I have time off I like to do something away from sport.

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