Nicole Turner



A little about my current fitness: I train 6 times a week, 3 of these days include weight training. I am lucky, as I live near Buxton and can run up in the hills and take in the beautiful landscape. Currently I am clean cutting so I am doing a lot of cardio.

I like to say that I eat clean most of the time; I love food and have a passion for cooking and food prep – I love cooking from scratch. My food page on Instagram is myfooddiary1992 where I share my recipes. I post these to encourage others (and hopefully educate people that clean eating doesn’t mean boring!) alongside sharing my love for the TIME 4 NUTRITION brand (I include their supplements in some of my food recipes).

I am aiming high this year and working towards competing next year once I am down to a low body fat and my strength is where I want it to be. I am making good progress and post regularly to inspire and encourage other people wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes.

One of the reasons for posting current pictures is to inspire mums with kids. Having a child myself I wanted to prove to myself I could get back into shape. Despite not having as much free time, it’s definitely harder, but it’s still possible. With the right mental approach I believe anything is possible. I love inspiring women that have had kids to get back into the gym feeling confident and healthy.

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How long have I used Time 4 Nutrition products?

I found out about Time 4 Nutrition two years ago when I really got into my training and never looked back. Time 4 Pre workout is a must in my training - high intensity training can get tough and it is amazing for keeping my mind focused and energy high -Bubblegum being my favourite flavour. I also use the Time 4 Whey Protein which I find perfect in my diet because it is low in calories, sugar, carbs and the flavours are amazing! The blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate, egg white and micellar casein gives me a multistage release of quality proteins and the added probiotics helps with digestion and doesn’t leave me feeling bloated.

Which is your favourite product?

My favourite product has to be the Time 4 Pre Workout. I have tried several brands, but this has always been my favourite. It tastes good, with no feeling funny or headaches. Working, being a mum and training gets draining; this supplement gives me the kick I need.