Nicholas Webb “Wild Webb” – Boxing

Questions & Answers

Past Form – tell us a little about your results?

As an amateur I was in and won national finals. And was ranked in the top 5 in the country at my weight for over 3 years.

I turned professional and have fought on TV and some amazing venues, the O2 on David Hayes undercard was one of the most exciting.

I've had 10 fights 10 wins and 9 knockouts. I'm currently ranked 10th in Britain and looking to fight for a title within the next few months

How do you prepare for a fight (say a month out)?

A month out I will be concentrating on eating and getting all the correct supplements in to get my body firing at top conditions.
I will also be mentally and physically preparing my body to go to war and getting in a way we're it is impossible to beat me.

What was your toughest fight to date?

My toughest opponent was in the amateurs a guy who has just won the silver in the Olympics, Joe Joyce.

What was your sweetest victory?

My sweetest victory was properly when I won a fight within the first 20 second, just threw one body shot and broke my opponents ribs.

What is your favourite Time 4 Nutrition product and why?

My favourite product is the Double Chocolate Recovery shake. Not only does it make my body feel unbelievable and give me everything I need for recovery after a hard training session; it also taste absolutely amazing!

Outside of training and competing, tell us a bit about what you do work wise, how you relax, any other hobbies you have time for?

Before I started boxing at 21 I was a full time sparky, but when I got the bug of boxing I quit my job and became a PT so I was able to full time train. But now I'm actually a full time athlete and devote all my time and energy into training. I relax by watching films, playing PlayStation going for walks and sitting in sauna and Jacuzzis. I love to compete generally in anything weather it be, football, rugby, basketball, badminton, board games, weightlifting, cards, pool, eating comps..... the list can go on and on, but if you challenge me I beat you!

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