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Marina Cornwall

Date of Birth


At what age did you start training?

I always trained from the early ages of school competing in athletics, running sprinting, relay. I ran for my school and was sports captain too.

When and what was your first competition?

I competed in the National Ultra Fit Cross Training championships for 7 years, then I trained for the LWT Television series of the Gladiators.

What was your first Bodybuilding show?

1996 Don Styler Solent City.

What was your first Powerlifting competition?

Dover British Qualifier 2012.

What federations have you competed in?

ANB Natural Bodybuilding
GB Powerlifting Federation
EPA - English Powerlifting Federation
IPF - International Powerlifting Federation

Weight class?

Lightweight for Bodybuilding

47kg for Powerlifting

Best Competition results?

2005 Winning my Pro Card with the WNBF

Prior to that I won the British Championships 3 times

Inducted to Hall of Fame for Powerlifting 2014

Best Powerlifting Competitions to date?

2017 World Powerlifting Champion M3

2017 European Powerlifting Champion M3

2017 British Powerlifting Champion M3

2017 Commonwealth Powerlifting Champion M3 & broke Commonwealth record too!

Favourite food out of season?


Which Time 4 Nutrition Supplement do you find most effective for training?

Time 4 Recovery.

What is your favourite tasting Time 4 Nutrition product?

Time 4 Whey Protein Vanilla Coconut Milk.

What methods do you use to take off the last bit of weight to make your weight limit?

Luckily I am always the lightest weight in bodybuilding and in Powerlifting I always weigh in around 45kg and the weight category is 47kg so never need to worry. Not best situation I know because if I was closer to my weight class I would be stronger I realise that, but when I see my powerlifting friends trying to make weight and sleeping in a sweat suit, not being able to socialise because they cannot eat or drink I would be so miserable I would hate it. I couldn’t stand making the weight then eating up a lot of food. I wouldn’t be able to lift personally.

What Gym do you train out of?

Several gyms:

Easygym Southampton,
Fratton Gym,
Elite Bodyworks Basingstoke when I can get there.
Also Chilworth Manor where I work also but there is not enough equipment there for my powerlifting or bodybuilding training

Who is your inspiration?

Bodybuilder Kimberley Anne Jones! An absolutely amazing person inside and out An absolute amazing role model, professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, & personal friend!

Who do you think is the greatest and most influential bodybuilder/fitness athlete in history?

Male - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Female - Kimberley-Anne Jones

What are your future goals in your bodybuilding/fitness career?

Having won everything in Powerlifting this year the Worlds, Europe, British & now Commonwealths I am preparing to go and do the WNBF World Bodybuilding championships in Boston!

List what shows you have competed in with dates and placing.

WNBF Bodybuilding Pro Card 2005 Winner

BNBF 2004 Winner - Lightweight bodybuilder

NPA 2000-2003 Bodybuilder Winner

ANB 1997-2000 4th, 3rd, 2nd Placing

UKBFF 1999 Budapest

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