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Kevin Steven Wheeler

Date of birth


At what age did you start training?


What federations have you competed in?

Hampshire countries, Southern Area level, & National and British Level.

Best Competition results?

Southern counties August 2017:
100mtr Gold, 200mtr Gold, 400mtr Silver, 800mtr Silver, 1500mtr Silver Vets.

Off season weight?

10-11 stone

Competition weight?

9.5 stone

Training schedule?

5 nights a week plus weekends.

Favourite foods in prep mode?

Pasta, fish: salmon red meat.

Least favourite foods in prep mode?

Salads, vegetables.

Favourite ‘dirty' or 'refeed' meal?

Chocolate cake, peanut butter bits, Chinese chili noodles.

Favourite food out of season?


Are there any superstitious habits you have before you compete?:

Making sure my sprint spikes are all fixed in correctly and race number is attached with 2 pins.

What methods do you use to take off the last bit of weight to make your weight limit?

Hard sprints and boxing circuit.

What Gym do you train out of?

Portsmouth University

What club do you race out of?

City of Portsmouth athletics club.

Who is your inspiration?

Usain Bolt, works hard, stays clean and a great role model.

What are your future goals in your Athletics career?

To win a world Gold championship and win a European Gold championship for Great Britain Masters in sprints or middle distance.

List what shows you have competed in with dates and placing?

Indoor championships London 800mtr Gold and 1500mtr Silver Vets
English cross x country championship Bournemouth 2017 November 3rd place vet 35.

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