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Competition History

Kara’s competition journey started when she was at her lowest ebb and finding comfort in food. She soon went from an athletic 134 pounds to 165 pounds. Kara was so uncomfortable and self-conscious that she didn’t want to leave the house.

One day, Kara thought enough was enough and decided to change herself inside and out. She sought out help and hired her contest prep coaches IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak and IFBB Pro Heidi Sullivan to help transform her; 5 months later she had lost 50 pounds and stepped on stage at her first figure competition at the Robert Fultons INBF bodybuilding show in 2005 with a 5th place at the age of 23.

Kara earned her INBF pro card in 2007 and then in 2009, earned her IFBB PRO Figure and Fitness Pro Card at Team Universe.

Since 2005, Kara has competed in a 21 competitions, winning all but four.

Last year, 2016, Kara decided to hang up her heels and start something new: Powerlifting.

Her first show will be in May 23rd in Manchester at the NorthWest Powerlifting Competition at Fighting Fit Gym.

How do you prepare for a competition?

I normally begin dieting 16 weeks out from a show.

Who is your coach?

Fakhri Mubarak

What is your favourite Time 4 Nutrition product and why:

I love, trust and rely on them all!!

If I had to pick one favorite, I'd pick Time 4 Nutritions Bubblegum flavored Pre-Workout!! I never go a day without taking my Time4 nutrition Pre-Workout, it gives me the energy, stamina and motivation to put my all into each and every workout!

How do you spend time outside of training and competing

I work for Kettlebell Kitchen at the weekend. I spend 3 hours a day, everyday in the gym, going twice per day. I spend all my other down time with my 5 year old little boy Jack, playing toys, helping him with school work, school runs, keeping up my household and when all that’s finished, I love lounging around in my pajamas watching movies or YouTube Fitness Videos.

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