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John Richardson



After years of Bodybuilding, I decided to venture into something new. After speaking to my good friend, World’s Strongest Man competitor Rob Frampton I ventured into Strongman.
My very first competition in strongman was the southern qualifiers for Britain’s Strongest Man U105. I was told about it on the Wednesday and competed on the Sunday.
I loved every minute of it and with limited time to train for the event I came 9th and that’s when I got the bug for competing.
I then trained harder than I ever had before and got an invite to SCL Worlds in South Africa. It was such an amazing experience and gave me the drive that I needed to move forward in the sport.
I am currently getting ready for the Worlds Final in Finland on 4/5th of August 2018. I am buzzing for this competition as this is the World’s Strongest Man U105 and I can honestly say I couldn’t have got here without the help of Time 4 Nutrition supplying me with the best supplements on the market.

Favourite Product

Time 4 Mass Gain 4.5kg

I find this an easy way to get extra calories and macros in. Taste's amazing and very easy to digest.


Questions & Answers

Date of Birth?


What level/class do you compete in?

International, u105kg.

How did you get into your sport/discipline?

After years of bodybuilding, I decided to venture into something new, after speaking to my good friend, World’s Strongest Man competitor Rob Frampton I ventured into Strongman.

How do you prepare for a competition?

I will find out the events months before hand so I concentrate on those moving or pressing exercises. I always train at 110%

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

Train as hard as I can with good rest and good food, also take the best supplements on the market, Time 4 Nutrition.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

Never give up. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

SCL South Africa was the heaviest and hardest challenge I have ever done but can’t wait for next year.

What is your best victory/performance to date?

Newbury’s Strongest Man I came 3rd missing out on 2nd by half a point. My last comp (as of 6/2018) was an international U105kg world qualifier in South Africa where I was the only athlete of the day that deadlifted 325kg from the floor with no deadlift suit and qualified for the final.


Read about John's build up to competing in the Strongman Champions League Worlds 2018 in Finland HERE

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