Janine Laurèn

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Online Fitness Coach & Model


I once knew a girl who would hide in the school locker rooms in the fear that another netball would bounce of the side of her face causing the team who got stuck with her to hold their heads in shame as the opposing team laughed.
I knew a girl who would always choose the comfort of her couch and a bowl of peanut M&M’s. (Still totally dig them.. in moderation)
I knew a girl who would spend hours looking at her reflection and not really liking the girl looking back at her.
I don’t really know that girl anymore.
What started out as a mission to lose a few stone, turned into a long-standing romance with a boy named Gym, & the journey to becoming the best self I can be has become my happily ever after…
Fitness for me runs so much deeper than just ‘getting lean’ or looking any kind of way. It’s a release, my form of therapy both mentally and physically.
I run the blog www.namaste-blondie.co.uk and the Instagram namaste_blondi3 to share my personal journey and give free advice.
I work in an office for my day job and am a fully qualified personal trainer and online coach on the side.
What I love about Time 4 Nutrition is the close-knit family feel the company vibrates, adding to the fact I spent years looking for a UK brand of protein I actually liked the flavour of, with many added nutritional extra’s, I couldn’t be more honoured to be part of the Time 4 Nutrition team.

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Blogger, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Online Fitness Coach & Model.

How do you prepare for photoshoots?

It depends on the style of the shoot, Lingerie I go for a more curvier physique so it doesn’t really take much prep at all but fitness shoots I prepare for like anyone would a bikini show. It’s usually a 12 week process:
Fasted cardio in the AM (with the exception of TIME 4 PRE-WORKOUT Bubblegum flavour, that stuff keeps me sane during prep!) daily,
4 weight training sessions a week,
2 Upper body,
2 Lower body.

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