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Gary Ingram

Date of birth


At what age did you start training

I started training when I was 18 years old

When and what was your first competition

My first competition was 9th April 2017 which was the UKBFF qualifier in Birmingham

What federation do you compete in

UKBFF and IFBB (once)

Which weight class do you compete in

under 80kg

Best Competition results

2nd place plus invited to Arnold's classic

Off season weight


Competition weight


What is your training schedule

6 days a week (push,pull, legs)

What is your nutrition plan

Current offseason plan consist of around 5.5k calories mainly clean foods with 2 cheat meals a week.

Favourite foods in prep mode

Oats and jam / rice Krispy squares

Least favourite foods in prep mode


Favourite dirty or refeed meal

5 guys burgers

Favourite food out of season

Any decent burgers / koh tai / tgi fridays / fruit!

Time 4 Supplement you find most effective for training

Time 4 Carbs powder with Time 4 Creatine

Favourite tasting Time 4 product / flavour

Creamy Toffee Pudding or Raspberry Ripple Whey

Are there any superstitious habits you have before going on stage


What methods do you use to take off the last bit of weight to make your weight limit

The obvious fasted cardio works well for me , usually at work I'll stay wrapped up whilst digging etc which helps and also diuretic night before and morning of show.

What gym do you train out of

David Lloyd Port Solent

Who is your inspiration

I follow a few people that inspire me with their training and progress videos Trained by JP motivates me a lot through his style of training, Dallas Mccarver was always a good one for me to watch too and still is. My coach is a big one for me as from day 1 he had more confidence in me than myself.

Who do you think is the greatest and most influential bodybuilder/fitness athlete in history

Flex wheeler is a massive favourite. I don't think there has been a better physique since him. Dexter Jackson is amazing to still be able to make such amazing results and get better each time and compete for as long as he has . Arnold is a clear one from what he has achieved since retiring from bodybuilding and what he still puts into the sport up to this day along with his many other achievements is crazy.

What are your future goals in your bodybuilding/fitness career

My future goal is to constantly improve my physique and present it better on stage each show I do. I only want to get better and better and I really wanna place 1st next year and break the top 3 in British finals and if I get another Invite to the Arnold's, I want to Break the top 6.

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