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Christal Cornick

Date of Birth


At what age did you start training

I started boxing at the age of 5/6 and lifting weights from the age of 13

When and What was your first competition

My first competition was the 2008 Solent City Bodybuilding championships
I was so shy of my body so I threw myself in at the deep end

What federations have you competed in

I started with NABBA and then UKBFF and then on to IBFA

Weight class

Heavy weight/women’s bodybuilding.

Best Competition results

6x South Britain Champion. Overall British Champion.

Off season weight

11 stone 8lbs

Competition Weight

10 stone 4lbs

Training schedule

Monday to Friday

What is your Nutrition plan

The usual exciting bodybuilder grub! With plenty of cheat meals with cake. Mmm!!

Favourite foods in prep mode

Cheesecake on cheat meal days

Least favourite foods in prep mode

Chicken! As I swear I sprout a few feathers and lay some eggs with the amount I consume lol!

Favourite dirty or refeed meal

Fish n Chips from the chippy!

Favourite food out of season

EVERYTHING! If it’s edible, I will eat it LOL but my most favourite has to be Fish n Chips from the chippy, or Indian...or Chinese....Japanese too. Lol

Time 4 Nutrition supplement you find most effective for training

TIME 4 BURN!! Love the way it heats me up & gives me that extra energy during my training sessions.

Favourite tasting Time 4 Nutrition product / flavour

TIME 4 WHEY PROTEIN, Vanilla Coconut Milk - such a sexy taste, especially mixed into Ginger natural yogurt before bed! Wow!

Are there any superstitious habits you have before going on stage

Hmm, yes, one, I always wear my mothers lipstick as a “good luck” kiss from her. Before my mum passed away, mum used to kiss a bit of paper before my athletics events, I’d put it in my sock so I had her with me running up the track, I used to win every race! So now I use mums lipstick to kiss my lips for good luck from her while I am on stage.

What methods do you use to take off the last bit of weight to make your weight limit

Water loading...then practically living in the bathroom, I just gather my feeds into the bathroom and camp out on the toilet lol

What Gym do you train out of

Anytime Fitness Bicester

Who is your inspiration

My mother

Who do you think is the greatest and most influential bodybuilder/fitness athlete in history

Lenda Murray

What are your future goals in your bodybuilding/fitness career

•To naturally maintain the muscle I have.

•Keep my body fat levels under control using only THE BEST products on the market (TIME 4 NUTRITION)


•Aiming to possibly enter natural bodybuilding shows in the future. With the help of TIME 4 NUTRITION supplements I have no doubt I will be winning these shows too.

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