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Where do you train?


How do you prepare for a competition?

I cut out all bad foods and lower carbohydrates, increase water intake and build up to cardio 7 times per week. During this time I go very serious with my training and my goal is always to lift as heavy as possible, with as many reps as possible, to keep the muscle full whilst burning the fat away. I don’t believe in overtraining so I literally hammer my body as hard as I can with the end goal being to look my very best ever.

What is your favourite Time 4 Nutrition product?

All of them are my favorite. But if I have to choose one it has to be the Creatine powder as I have used lots of other brands in the past with no results whatsoever... this Creatine actually works and makes me feel full and strong without being bloated.

I don’t usually have protein shakes, but I have to say, the protein by Time 4 Nutrition is the best tasting I have ever had and I will never need to try another brand again. I am really happy with these supplements and would recommend to any other bodybuilders/lifters/gym goers to give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

Outside of training and competing

I work for a freight forwarder/transport company as the European Business Development Executive. My main hobbies apart from training is to just spend time with my wife and two children. I don’t really need anything else apart from my family and the gym.

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