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Before bodybuilding I used to run at quite a good national level. Whilst training before a really big meet I tore my Hamstring & part of my rehabilitation was to go to a gym and build up the strength in my leg again. I guess I just got hooked from there!
How I got started competing is a little different though, I’d been training for a few years and decided to go to a bodybuilding show in Mansfield. When I walked in the door I got hassled by everyone asking me if I came to compete? And when I said I was just there to watch I was then asked why I wasn’t competing!
A year later (2006) I stepped on stage and won my first qualifier and went on to win the O80k British championship.

Time 4 Nutrition Sponsored Athlete IFBB Pro Alvin Small is BACK !!
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When did you do your first show, and did you win?

My first show was my very good friend Mr Sugar’s show in Leicester. My first time ever on stage and I won the FirstTimers class. Then I went on to win the British finals, moving up to the Super Heavies over the next 3 years until I won my Pro Card in 2010.

So it didn’t take you long to get your Pro Card. That must be some kind of record!

Yes, it was quite a fast track from amateur to Pro in just three years.

Did you win the Overall British at your first attempt?

I had one attempt at the Overall. My first loss and only loss was between me and my good friend Zack Khan in 2009. I won the following year.

How many Pro Shows have you done so far?

I’ve competed in I think five Pro shows.

Are there any plans to compete again, or guest pose?

Yes Alex I’ll definitely be competing in future Pro shows and guest posing. They go hand in hand.

ls this something of a comeback, or have you never been away?

I've never been away! Competing is like a nice jacket - sometimes you take it off and hang it up. If you wear it all the time you’d just wear it out!

Do you still train as heavy as you did, or just enough to keep your shape and your awesome size?

I took a break from competing not from bodybuilding. This is my sport...l still lift heavy and have managed to maintain and keep improving my size and condition.

What kind of training do you do now - how would you describe it?

It’s important to train Smart, especially if you - like me - enjoy lifting heavy weights. I do a lot more volume work now to keep stimulating those muscle fibres.

Most IFBB Pros tend to be- come bodybuilding “Gurus” eventually. Does this de- scription apply to you these days Alvin?

Not in a million years Alex...l have very little to do with Guru-ism! I enjoy my training and competing, but when training is over I enjoy other things like my wife’s company and our new son... Being a so-called Guru would eat up quality time. I'd soon get bored, grow a beard and start wearing flip-flops. LOL.

So, what views do you really have on the current crop of Advisers and coaches?

l I have no opinion on them. I wouldn’t even know who they were if I tripped over them. An individual’s potential is God-given and not brought about by the nutritional opinion of any guru. I’ve seen with my own eyes men and women with no access to gyms let alone gurus, who are able to create incredible physiques. But I’m not knocking Gurus. LOL (They have their place.)

The last few years have seen many changes in the sport with plenty of new classes outside the traditional body- building categories. What do you think about these clos- sic, physique and modelling classes?

To be honest I’m quite tradition- al. I like the idea of creating and sculpting large amounts of muscle into a thing of beauty. I don’t have any opinions on anything outside of that. lt's way too easy to get drawn into the debate on the direction the sport is taking. and as we know people in this sport have very fragile feelings.

You were the main body- building “Name” for a certain supplement brand, for some years, which was known to be a leader in nutrition for bodybuilding. Do you feel your association with Time 4 Nutrition is pretty similar?

Yes I’m very grateful and fortunate to have been associated with the leading Supplement brands in the UK and abroad. I'm continuing that trend with Time 4 Nutrition - another leader when it comes to Bodybuilding. As I evolve, things around me have to evolve. i.e.: New or different protein delivery methods and new formulations. Hitting the gym hard every day is the easy part. Getting a sufficient amount of nutrition in for optimal growth and recovery is more tricky. I leave that to the professionals at Time 4 Nutrition

You used to concentrate on masses of steamed cod for your daily protein intake, then you switched to turkey, but did you find these in- sufficient for all your needs eventually?

It's a great advantage to understand what effect different foods have on your physique. For example. when you’re eating 8/9 times a day, eating fish is easy. minus the taste. As it burns of so quickly. I’m hungry come next mealtime.Whereas Turkey is more filling and I find myself struggling to get it all in, so timing the types of protein sources and the obvious benefits has been crucial for me in maintaining my size and quality muscle.

How vital has supplementation been to your success in bodybuilding?

Not vital - but - very important Unless you have a life like a cow grazing in a sleepy meadow all day, it's very hard to get in all the nutrients needed for optimal growth and recovery, especially if like me you enjoy training hard. So it’s important to believe in the supplement brand you are using as this will either hinder your gains or support your growth. Supplements can definitely help to ensure you are getting all the nutrients in as it is far more convenient to mix a protein shake than to prepare and consume a meal in today's busy lifestyle, or when travelling, or at work.

Why is Time 4 Nutrition a good fit for your views on supplements?

I’m very fortunate to personally know Paul Smith, the owner of the firm. I also respect his integrity and know his background and the leading supplement companies we've both been associated with. So he’s coming from a very knowledgeable background

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