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Alex Cole

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What is your Training schedule?

Monday- Lower body session
Tuesday- Upper body session
Wednesday- Lower body session
Thursday- Ice Hockey Training (Off Ice plyo, agility, speed work then On ice training)
Friday- Upper body session,
Saturday & Sunday- Game Days.

What is your Nutrition plan?

Nutrition is split into High, Medium & Low Carb days with one cheat meal usually after a game, this is made up from Protein always at 250G, Fats at 100G and my Carbs alternating dependant on day.

Which Time 4 Nutrition supplement do you find most effective for training?

I use and rely on a lot of supplements from the range but the most effective for me are Time 4 Whey Protein, Time 4 Recovery & Time 4 Intra Workout.

Favourite Time 4 Nutrition Product?

Thats a tough one as this is the first brand I've been able to have the same supplements every day and not get bored or fed up with the tastes or lack of results. If I narrow it down I'd say the Time 4 Whey Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter, as I have this 2 times a day and love it!

When did you first start Ice Hockey and what is your club history?

I started ice hockey at age 5, played through several junior academies such as Guildford and Swindon, being national champions twice and runners up twice.
I took steps after my junior time was up to move to the National Ice Hockey League division 2 for the Solent Devils where after 2 seasons became undefeated champions, which gave us promotion to the NIHL 1 in a professional league.

I've continued to play for the Solent Devils since then where I've worked up to being the teams Captain for the last two seasons.
I also got asked to play in the University Championships 2 years in a row where we won both years.

What position do you play?


What club do you play out of currently?

Solent Devils

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